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What is acupuncture?

What is acupuncture?


In western medicine disease is the starting point, in acupuncture the starting point is health in which a disbalance can arise.


Before you really get ill, you get subtle signals of disbalance: you are not feeling fit, your sleep is bad, the food doesn't taste good, your digestion is poor or you suffer from recurring small or larger discomforts. This is a difficult field for Western medicine: there is not a disease (yet) which is demonstrable. For an acupuncturist, who looks upon man as a whole, this is pre-eminently a field for treatment.


Japanese acupuncture is unique and personal

Japanese acupuncture has a close connection to massage. A Japanese acupuncturist is working on the outside, with the purpose to make a change on the inside. Changes on the outside are an important measurement for the progress of the treatment. What is the effect of a needle on the muscle tonus? Or on the moisture of the skin? Is something changing in the elasticity/firmness of the skin? Is there an effect on the breathing? Is there an effect on the strength or speed of the pulse? How firm is the belly with mild pressure?


Japanese acupuncture knows different styles. The form Toyohari is the subtlest. In Toyohari you are working from one acupuncture point to the next. In between there is a constant checking of small changes that occur. Is the balance getting better? Is it possible to improve the balance even more? In old Chinese texts about acupuncture there exists a term ganjing which means something like resonance. If in an orchestra pit the G string is being struck on one violin, the same string will be resonating on all the other violins. The skills of an acupuncturist are to tune to the condition of a client. Toyohari is a unique and very personal form of acupuncture.



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