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What clients say


Clients in general comment on Toyohari as a pleasant treatment method. Japanese needles are very thin. Insertion has to be done with a tube. According to Japanese acupuncturists, it is the practitioner who has to feel what the needle is doing and not the client as with Chinese acupuncture. Clients relax perceptibly on the treatment table.


I am very pleased by the acupuncture treatments of Ton van Huffelen. Afterwards I notice I am feeling relaxed and physically more in balance. Every time again a remarkable experience! I really enjoy the ambience during treatments, the consultation is very open and accessible.


Grateful to have found Ton, as a therapist and as a person, even for 80+.


In relation to my asthma acupuncture has been a great outcome for me. It helped enormously in reducing my coughing. Ton, I think you are a great, down-to-earth and professional practitioner! I really enjoy the treatments and I feel relaxed on the treatment table.


Ton is a topper of a “physician”, a blessing from Above, our health has clearly improved.


After a long time desperately trying treatment methods which didn’t work, I met Ton. I put him on a high pedestal. Thanks to his pleasant treatments, his view and his character he is a great support to me. I notice both my body and my life positively changed. He is an angel.


The treatments of Ton are very effective. Ton knows by his ability and experience exactly to treat painful and tight spots. He is really taking care and always asks the right questions. After treatment I always return home lighter, both physical and mental.


It is going really well with me. When pain starts again, I use the copper/zinc plasters on the acu points you learned me for “homework” and I must say this works perfectly.  Actually there are two things I always say when I talk with others about your acupuncture treatments: “I don’t understand why MD’s don’t prescribe this”, and: “A revelation for my.”


Ton is a warm, very experienced and decisively acupuncturist, who helps you with care and sense to get better. Ton knows quickly to match symptoms to causes and he is able to provide insight, so you get to know better your body. He gives a solid foundation of his treatment plan and clear explanation with examples. I really can recommend Ton as acupuncturist.


I wanted to thank you for your complete clear indistinctive answers on my questions. I can go further with it. You are giving space to experience and to try out things, but secretly you provide a framework. That’s an art!


Toyohari is experienced as painless, mild and powerful.

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