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Intake and first consultation adult



Intake and first consultation child up and to including 11 years

Consultation child up and to including 11 years


Intake and first consultation up 12 and to including 17 years

Consultation up 12 and including 17 years



In  most cases my acupuncture treatments will be reimbursed, because I am registered

and I am member of:

  • Member of the Dutch Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine ZHONG


Before you start the treatment always ask your insurance company about their terms and reimbursements for acupuncture.



  • Classical acupuncture (TCM) Qing-Bai Academy (1997 - 2002)
  • Basic Western Medical Course TCM Academy (2015).


My specialization is Toyohari. The Dutch Branch of the Toyohari Association (NTV) is very important for me. This is an association which is part of an international network of acupuncturists. During monthly meetings in Amsterdam the acupuncturists of the Dutch Branch exchange experiences, they do research and they practice together. Once a year they have a three-day workshop with European colleagues and teachers coming from Japan. This is how they work together to raise their common knowledge of their profession and develop their therapy as well as their own skills as practitioners.



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